Vestmann Distributors Ltd. is one of the newest hi-tech distributors on the island of Ireland, but not in Europe. In countries such as Germany, Austria, Hungary or Slovakia we are a well-known factor for our clients and customers alike. Vestmann has came to Ireland to bring you the trending, luxurious products from varied fields such as fashion, beauty, wellness or pharmaceuticals on an affordable price. Vestmann is able to deliver varied yet cost effective sales solutions to clients, which we achieved through a clear focus on the distinct needs of our individual cases to accomplish quality driven results.

Our mission is to be Ireland’s premier “marketer” of quality specialty products, effectively, efficiently & profitably partnering with our clients and customers.


With a wide network all over the EU, we can help your company and your product rise above others. Our products does the same, as we always bring you the highest quality.


Our products are all unique in their own right, and the high quality is always a badge we proud to wear. We always work exclusively with our partners to bring out the best deal for both of us.


Our products are always unique their own way, and they are always high in quality. We expect our partners to deliver their best, so the customers don’t have to worry about it.


We offer a representation of your product as it would be you who sells it. We do everything we can that the products get the attention they need abroad as well as at home.

Our partners

Our greatest asset is our wide range of contacts from all over Europe. We have contacts to the Middle East and the Far East as well. We are proud to bring quality products to the Irish market. We keep contact with European companies and help them get to the Irish market. Also we help Irish innovators to get to the European markets.

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We always seek the newest innovations from tech, medical or the beauty industry, we have good connections to luxury products, which are niche at the moment or they are in the early adoption phase. We are open to any product which gives something new to our clients and customers and they are in need of distribution. If you are an Irish company, with something new and exciting innovation do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our main profile is distribution in Ireland. This means our interest is to make sure that your product is giving something extra to our clients and customers and we are in business. We are glad to bring European products as an exclusive distributor, and we are committed to a fair and straight deal. Our main interest is around hi-tech, medical innovations and products, health and wellness related ones and of course luxury items, such as unique fashion defining or trend setting products. All products of these sort are welcome.

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We are a distributor company, which have a wide network of contacts all over Europe. We build contacts everywhere and build business in a way, which is beneficial for both parties. Our aim in Ireland is to bring European companies’ products here and introduce them to the Irish customers. If you want to connect with our network do not hesitate to contact us.

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It doesn’t matter that it is from the fashion, wellness, medical background or a phone accessory, we make sure, that all our products are the best quality it can be. We carefully pick our partners, who all make their products from the best materials, best designs and best packaging. We aim to expand our product range with the best novelties you can get in the European market.

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Apart from the international network, we wish to build local networks as well, this means not only import, but export as well. We based in Co. Wicklow, but this doesn’t mean we do not seek partners nationwide. If you are an Irish company, and you seek opportunities for European distribution, do not hesitate to contact us.

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