Tungsram to manufacture and market fitness machine developed by Hungarian start-up

The first Infratrainer fitness machines manufactured by Tungsram have rolled off the production line. The Infratrainer, which started out as a Hungarian startup endeavor in 2015, quickly gained popularity in Hungary. Building on the global sales network of Tungsram, a company renowned for high-quality production and with a market presence in 110 countries, the product is set to conquer international markets. The cooperation is part of Tungsram’s innovation strategy, designed to counter the decline in global demand for traditional light bulbs.

Tungsram unveiled the first Infratrainer machine produced by the company at a press conference organized at its headquarters in Újpest. “Although it may not be obvious at first glance, our cooperation with Infratrainer Kft. is an integral part of the new innovation strategy developed by Tungsram, a company known so far for its lighting products,” said Ferenc Pongrácz, General Manager- Innovation at Tungsram. “In light of the worldwide decline in the demand for traditional lighting products and light bulbs, triggered by the dominance of LED technology, we assessed – among other things – how best to leverage our manufacturing capabilities, engineering expertise and the global reputation of the Tungsram brand.” The executive noted that he has been looking – and still is – for successful Hungarian companies, which seek to grow internationally with the help of Tungsram’s international sales network, quality manufacturing capabilities and brand.

Pécs-based Infratrainer Kft. is one such company: it entered the Hungarian market in 2015 as a truly small business, founder and Managing Director Csaba Deák said about the early days. “Success followed very soon, the market’s reaction was clear-cut,” he added. Currently, more than 150 machines are in operation in Hungary and the company has sold its product in 8 European countries and Canada.

“Instead of selling only a machine to our customers, in the future we want to offer them a complex system that will help with weight loss, detoxication or even a lifestyle change,” Csaba Deák noted. “We call it Infratrainer Zerofat Technology, which strives – with the help of an application and personalized methods – for maximum results without joint injury or muscle aches.” To reach their objectives, they needed a global partner, Tungsram, which launched a wider-scale production and sales on global markets.

The machines are now manufactured at the Tungsram factory in Hajdúböszörmény: the first item to roll down from the assembly line has been exhibited in the showroom at the company’s headquarters. Sales have also started in several countries. In order to facilitate the sales process, research projects have been launched in cooperation with several universities in the United States to appraise the long-term health impact of the Infratrainer using focus groups. If research confirms developers’ claims about the machine’s efficiency, new vistas will open for international sales.

“We will soon develop the franchise, the “Corporate Recreation” and “Sport” models, which will offer further possibilities to serve guests at a higher level and to use the equipment for purposes other than weight loss,” said Zoltán Sándorfi, Infratrainer Project Manager at Tungsram.

Tungsram and Infratrainer Kft. are currently working on setting up a joint venture.